Everlasting time moments to treasure

Safeguard your precious timepieces by keeping them in where they truly belong. Keep in a well-built watch winder or case to prolong and maintain the lifespan of your watches.

EXQUISITE TIME was established with the objective to bring affordable and high quality watch winders to the watch enthusiast in Singapore. Our winders are not only affordable but also long lasting testimony to the vast following in the short span of the company's history. We carry more than 100 different types of winders and boxes catering to the most discerning watch collector. Our winders and boxes are made from the finest wood with 12 layers of lacquer painstakingly crafted. In today’s modern world of watch collection, more sophisticated and avant-garde automatic time pieces are well sought after. Watch winder not only keeps them running in esteem condition but most importantly nullify the need to adjust the watch regularly which creates unnecessary wear and tear that reduces the lifespan of your watch mechanism. Contact us by phone or email below and give your precious watches a brand new lease of life from today onwards. We also provide repair service for your winders.


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